2018-06-06 14th Organic and Bioorganic Workshop for Leading Young Canadian Chemists

Preceding the 101th CSC meeting in Edmonton, Rylan Lundgren and myself organised the 14e Organic and Bioorganic Workshop for Leading Young Canadian Chemists. We would like to thanks our sponsors to be able to hold a highly engaging two and half day meeting with 12 junior faculty and 4 senior mentors. The ideas and networks generated during this event will play a major role in the continued growth of the community in Canada.

workshop picture

Top Row, Left to Right: Jason Hien (UBC), L.C. Campeau (Merck, senior mentor), Rylan Lundgren (Alberta, co-organizer), Fraser Hof (Victoria, senior mentor), Alex Speed (Dalhousie), Matt Macaulay (Alberta).

Middle Row, Left to Right: Jeff van Humbeck (Calgary), Charles Gauthier (INRS), Florence Williams (Alberta), Denis Giguère (Laval, co-organizer), Yvan Guindon (IRCM/Montreal, senior mentor) Simon Rondeau Gagné (Windsor).

Front Row, Left to Right: Johanna Blacquiere (Western), Mathieu Frenette (UQAM), Avena Ross (Queen’s), Stephen Newman (Ottawa), Christof Sparr (Basal, EU representative).

Not Pictured: Zhongxin Zhou (Gilead, senior mentor)

Thanks to CRSNG, the University of Alberta, Organic Chemistry Division of the Canadian Society for Chemistry, Gilead, Agilent Technologies, OmegaChem, Vapourtec, Inception Sciences, and Biological and Medicinal Chemistry Division of the Canadian Society for Chemistry.

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